We help authors, speakers and course creators:

Scale ANY Digital Product, Online Course or Coaching Offer from 6 to multiple 7 figures in 12 months or less.

All-in-one membership platform that gives you the tools you and your team need to take your membership/course from something that just creates busyness to a business while you scale your revenue and have the freedom to master your craft.
“Forlogis builds out a user-focused platform with an emphasis on user experience for the course creator, which solves the real problem that’s keeping courses from hitting new levels of enrollments: lifetime value.”

Why Forlogis Platform is...

Your FastPass to Getting Real RESULTS?

Forlogis custom-built membership platforms consistently grow revenue ,without more launches + more content, for clients like Robin Sharma, Frank Kern and other world’s TOP thought leaders. 


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“If you are looking for an organisation that will support you as you raise your impact and lead your space online. I would definitely encourage you to work with Forlogis.”

Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma is considered to be one of the top 5 leadership experts in the world. His work is embraced by rock stars, royalty, billionaires and many celebrity CEOs. With over 18,000,000 books sold, clients such as Starbucks, Nike, GE, The Coca-Cola Company, NASA and Microsoft are using his leadership methods to drive real growth + top performance.

MOST ONLINE ENTREPRENEURS don’t have a launch problem neither a content problem. Their product has already been validated by market + they already have sales processes in place. So the real problem course creators who want to scale are facing is to keep their clients and sell them new offers. In other words...

...The Real Problem That's Holding You Back from Scaling From 6 to 7 Figures In Your Online Courses is The

Lifetime Value [LTV] of Your Online Course Students

Let's imagine your Goal is to Make: ‎$1,000,000

Scenario #1

LTV: ‎$300
Goal: ‎$1,000,000
Clients: 3334

Scenario #2

LTV: ‎$600
Goal: ‎$1,000,000
Clients: 1667

Scenario #3

LTV: ‎$3000
Goal: ‎$1,000,000
Clients: 334

The truth is that with less amount of clients, you need to spend less money on marketing [Client Acquisition Cost] and smaller staff to serve your clients, therefore with less clients you will see higher profits. That’s why LifeTime Value is the Most Essential Metric for any Course Creator.

However, the question is how to keep your clients to pay for more of your content, in a world where most informations are for free? The important thing to remember is that people aren’t paying for Information , they pay for results

That’s why most successful online course creators focus on USER EXPERIENCE so they can get their clients from where they are now to where they want to be - faster and with less overwhelm as if they would do it on their own.

Great news is that you can dramatically increase User Experience if you have the right tools and you follow the right steps in the right order. Unfortunately far too many entrepreneurs either don’t understand the steps or the cadence and end up wasting time and money. 

Since September 2015 we have dedicated countless thousands of hours to solve this problem and focus on the best UX features for course creators which helped to scale from 6 to 7 figures and even above 8 figures.

LTV = IP + UX x Price

“Forlogis builds out a user-focused platform with an emphasis on user experience for the course creator, which solves the real problem that’s keeping courses from hitting new levels of enrollments: lifetime value.”

Here’s the ONE THING: In order to have a highly-engaged membership/course full of raving fans, who keep paying month after month [course after course], FIRST you’re going to need a membership platform that helps you grow the lifetime value of your clients and customers with predictability every single month...

Let us introduce you to

The Forlogis Platform

 The Forlogis Platform incorporates all the features and benefits thought leaders, speakers, authors, coaches, and influencers need to give their clients and customers a white-glove experience is all in one platform... 

All the tools you and your team need to take your membership/course from something that just creates busyness to a business … 

… by increasing the lifetime value of your clients and customers

… so you can focus on the projects you WANT to do instead of the projects you HAVE to do!

We know you have a membership platform. In fact, you’ve probably tried out several. 

You might even have courses and trainings spread across a number of different platforms in an effort to get all the features you need.

Maybe you’ve even tried custom building something in WordPress. Suddenly there’s passwords and logins all over the place and you have to hire people just to manage it all. 

And there’s certainly no shortage of membership platforms out there. You’ve got Kajabi and Thinkific and ClickFunnels and High Level … 

It seems like membership platforms are a dime-a-dozen right now, and they’re all on a race to the bottom when it comes to price. 

That’s NOT what you’re getting with the Forlogis Platform.

After spending millions of dollars gauging what members really want and need AND dialing in on what makes things easier and more streamlined for you and your team, we came to one conclusion.

It’s time for membership platforms to GROW UP.

You’re not working with a baby business anymore. 

You’re not dealing with start up issues or beginner budgets or freebie, bootstrapping strategies.

You have a REAL, grown-up business that needs a grown-up membership platform to match.

THAT’S what you’re getting with the Forlogis Platform. Let’s break it all down:

UX Mechanism #1:

Admin CRM

Our Admin CRM Panel is filled with every tool and resource you need to make your memberships and courses the best your clients and customers have ever experienced.

[Unlike other membership platforms, Forlogis makes it possible for you to house unlimited memberships inside a single platform. That means no separate admin panels or logins for each membership/course! ]

Forlogis admin panel is full of amazing, unique features you won’t find together anywhere else:

1] Course Management 

The first thing you get in the Admin CRM Panel is FULL Course Management capabilities. 

Forlogis allows you to house an unlimited number of courses and memberships. 

You also have full control of which courses are in which memberships. 

This gives you the ability to give your members structured course content with various content options and access levels. 

And thanks to A.T.F. Technology [Asssesment Tool Feature ]each membership can have unique onboarding experiences as well as courses structures that are customizable to each member.

2] Member Management 

The second thing you get is a second-to-none Member Management system. You’ll be able to manage all the member data and sales from ONE hub with built-in CRM functionality. It couldn’t be more simple!

Plus ALL client care is in the same place for your team and admins to manage. It’s all under one roof. It reduces client care costs and improves user experience. So you and your team will be able to view course progress of each individual, refund their payment, add them courses/memberships and much more. 

Additionally, you’ll be able to create unlimited admin/client care roles and limit their access. So if you want your client care team to not see your business numbers like profits, LTV, Churn Rates etc. you can do that with few clicks.

3] Reporting & Analytics

With Forlogis, you can access detailed Reporting & Analytics that will allow you to truly understand your business metrics based on which you can dramatically improve your UX.

You’ll be able to see detailed Engagement Analytics for each course/membership so you can identify where people are dropping off and need extra touchpoints or improved content. 

Additionally you’ll have access to subscription intelligence and analytics feature which is designed to help you identify the levers driving revenue, subscriptions, signups, activations, churn and a host of other metrics that you need to make impactful decisions.

4] Community Engagement

The fourth thing included is a full roster of Community Engagement tools. Forlogis includes tons of ways to nurture and engage members with member profiles, forums, and social features. 

And not only can members engage with each other, but you’ll have the ability to directly connect with them through an internal chatbot system which you’ll be able to set up campaigns and automations to members within the platform, and customize it for each course/ membership.

“This literally and truly is the customized system designed to cut through the noise and clutter to give you exactly what you want."”

Frank Kern

5] All-In-One Monetization

The fifth notable feature of the Admin CRM Panel is the ability to accept Online Payments inside the platform! You can have an unlimited number of pricing and subscription options. Launch new checkout pages in just minutes with Pre-Designed Templates. Boost sales by offering orders bumps, addons, upsells. 

Most importantly, we DON’T [ and never will] take any percentage cut from your revenue.

Yet there’s really so much more inside the admin panel. We took all the feedback from the custom builds we’ve done for our clients and dialed in on exactly what they needed in a platform and put it all in! 

And the magic ingredient that really makes the lifetime value of your clients and customers shoot through the roof is the ability to move them from a single course into a recurring monthly membership seamlessly!

UX Mechanism #2:


What most membership platforms don’t address is the fact that user experience is just as important as the initial sale. 

Getting new clients and customers INTO the platform is one thing.

KEEPING them there requires an intuitive platform that gives them exactly what they need when they need it.

The Forlogis Platform gives you the ability to offer unlimited modules, unlimited lessons, and unlimited bonuses at any time, to any member - all based on their individual pathway inside the membership.

That means based on their feedback and participation within the platform, you can give each member a unique experience that’s optimized PERSONALLY for them.

You’ll be able to deliver a fully customized experience designed specifically for their goals and experience level.

Send them ONLY exactly what they need, when they need it, and you’ve completely avoided the overwhelm that’s so common in memberships. 

Goodbye churn, hello sky-high retention rates!

Plus the platform offers all the bells and whistles:

  • Trackable courses
  • The ability to take notes and pick up right where they left off inside lessons
  • Gamification so members can earn points or badges that can be redeemed for extra content or courses
  • High-touch customer and tech support
  • An internal community and messaging platform with maps, forums, and accountability
  • The ability to add bonuses and extra videos
  • And so much more!

Forlogis gives you the ability to create a more one-on-one experience with each member. 

It lets you create a hybrid model that provides more of a coaching mastermind experience because it’s SO CUSTOMIZABLE.

AND it gives you the ability to leave behind:

  • The Facebook group model
  • Unstable plugins that need constant updating
  • Outside email and chatbots for users
  • Outside schedulers and tools

That’s a quick summary of what things look like on the member’s side inside the Forlogis Platform.

Yes, Take My Online Business To The Next Level!

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But because we want your clients and customers to dive into your content and have it accessible from ANYWHERE so you can start generating the kind of recurring revenue you’ve been dreaming about we have for you something super valuable…

Your own mobile App

We know other platforms have mobile apps.

That’s not what we're talking about here.

We're talking about your platform having it’s very own branded mobile app.

It’s not a template or a course within a course. 

It’s an actual mobile app that corresponds with your desktop app and gives your clients and customers the opportunity to stay connected and consume your content from the palm of their hand. 

Not only will you get your OWN mobile app, but just like the desktop platform, you can customize each user’s content within the app too!

We know what you might be thinking right now.

“I’m not a tech guru. How am I supposed to know how to get things set up the way they need to be? What if I mess something up?

Plus you have no idea how long it’s taken me to get everything set up. We’re talking days and days of loading courses, onboarding members, and connecting integrations. There’s NO WAY I want to go back and do that all again. It’s so much work. I just don’t have the time!”

Does that sound familiar?

We understand, but don’t worry. That won’t be a problem.

When you join Forlogis, not only do you get a Member’s Area that gives your clients and customers an amazing, personalized experience AND an Admin CRM Panel that gives you 24/7 access to everything needed to track and manage sales, members, content, and more … 

Forlogis offers something no other subscription-based membership platform does.

When you join the Forlogis Platform we personally work WITH you to set up and customize your membership platform just the way you want it. 

Not only does that mean every feature and every tool is set up to perform to your exact specifications … 

… but YOU save tons of time and money because you don’t have to do it yourself or hire someone else to do it for you. 

Depending on the Forlogis package you choose, we’ll even migrate everything from all your current membership platforms in FOR you.

So now you know exactly what Forlogis can do for you. So the choice is now up to you, and there are two options right now.

You could choose to walk away and do nothing. 

You can stick with what you’re using to manage your members right now.

And you know what? If you do nothing, nothing will change.

If you’re the kind of person who is content to do nothing, then to be honest, you’re probably not the best fit for this.

We only work with those who are willing to take massive action to succeed. 

We can’t help clients who don’t take responsibility for their success and are not willing to invest in order to get massive 10x+ ROI. 

The second choice is to go all in.

You could take the leap of faith. You could join Forlogis and start giving your clients and customers a fully customizable membership experience. 

You could jump in and take advantage of the one platform that can streamline everything for you.

The one that can help you:

  • Create recurring streams of revenue so you can have predictable income every single month
  • Scale your business from 5 to 6 and 7 figures a month
  • Have the freedom to master your craft
  • Get results for your clients and customers
  • Achieve dominance in your expertise while enjoying life with your family
  • Avoid burnout and stress of the constant launch cycle and continuous content creation treadmill

It’s at least worth a call to talk with us about it, right? 

Just click the button to book a call to talk to our experts about how to get started.

Yes,  Take My Online Business To The Next Level!

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