LIMITED to ONLY 25 people at a time! Apply to see if any open spots.
ATTENTION: authors, speakers and coaches:

We're looking for a few more of our dream clients that we will help to scale above 7-8 figures...

"If that's you... We will personally work with you one-on-one in your business to help you increase your lifetime value, client’s UX and revenue with your digital offer over the next 12 months!"
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Limited to 25 people - apply to see if any open spots.
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"FORLOGIS is a custom membership platform that assists authors, coaches, and course creators in increasing the lifetime value of their product through emphasizing user experience."

"Forlogis builds out a user-focused platform with an emphasis on user experience for the course creator, which solves the real problem that’s keeping courses from hitting new levels of enrollment: lifetime value."

Who is this for?

  • Authors, Coaches, Speakers, and Online Course Creators who make the world a better place and would like to lead in their field in digital world.
  • Successful Thought Leaders that are already making at least 6 figures a year and would like to get to 7 figures and above ASAP while being extremely efficient with their time so they can focus on what they’re great at.
  • ​Thought Leaders who want like to create custom paths for their members so they can stick around longer, receive more value + results = invest more without having to worry about transition their content from multiple sources to the new one.
  • ​Course Creators who sell memberships, one-time courses, masterminds, personalized coaching and want to manage their entire business from a single platform.
Limited to 25 people - apply to see if any open spots.

Why is Forlogis Platform your fastpass to getting real results?

This all-in-one membership platform gives you the tools needed to grow the lifetime value of your clients and customers and allows you to take your recurring revenue from something that just creates busyness to a business.
Forlogis custom-built membership platforms consistently grow revenue, without more launches and more content, for clients like Robin Sharma, Frank Kern, and other world’s TOP thought leaders.
Limited to 25 people - apply to see if any open spots.
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