Admin CRM Panel

Admin CRM Panel is filled with every tool and resource you need to make your memberships and courses the best your clients and customers have ever experienced.

Unlike other LMS platforms, Forlogis makes it possible for you to house unlimited memberships inside a single platform. That means no separate admin panels or logins for each membership/course!


On Forlogis, you can create an unlimited number of courses, membership programs, and lessons. Creating a course with Forlogis is fast, intuitive, and straightforward. All you need to do is give your course a name, upload a banner, and set a thumbnail to make it look attractive.
With Forlogis, you can set your members on different paths inside your membership depending on their answers during the onboarding process. You can assign various courses, modules, and bonuses that individually fit each member's experience or knowledge level.

Member Management

Forlogis keeps all your client-related actions in one place. You can easily assign/extend a membership or give a refund with a single button click. It can help you retain your best customers by showing their latest activity and lifetime value. You can use this information to set up exclusive discounts and offers for members with high lifetime value.
And with our state-of-the-art AI technology, you can be sure that your users receive custom, relevant, intelligent suggestions to buy more of your content. You can track your members' activity and progress on your courses to learn from their user experience and improve your modules and lessons. It also helps deal with disputes and fraud attempts from any member.


You can maximize your earning potential by optimizing your various memberships and making them more appealing, understandable, and convenient for your students. Once you've connected your Stripe account to Forlogis, you can create an unlimited number of memberships for your students. You can include as many of your courses as you like in any of your memberships. With Forlogis, it's easy to test various memberships to see which courses sell well together.
With Forlogis, you can set up various billing cycles for each membership to let your students pay at their own pace. You can even set up multiple billing cycles for the same membership, allowing different members to pay at different times. The Forlogis assessment feature allows you to create an onboarding questionnaire with as many questions as you want. With the assessment feature, you can provide your members with a highly customized experience from day 1, which leads to higher course completion rates, client lifetime value, and user satisfaction.


You can create an unlimited number of various checkout options for your courses and memberships. You can also bundle one-time courses and subscription-based memberships in any combination you like and use a unique, optimized checkout URL path for each bundle. With Forlogis checkouts, you can easily include a trial period for your clients or charge them several months in advance if that fits your business model. Plus, you can add order bumps to any of your checkout pages to increase your client lifetime value and offer your members extra value and information.
You can manually override the price of any of your courses, memberships, or bundles for a special 1-time offer or create multiple price values depending on your traffic sources. Once everything is set up, you can see an in-depth analysis of all your checkout pages from the analytics tab in your admin CRM. That includes recurring payments, order bumps, average user value, and more! You can also view your active, refunded, canceled, and overdue subscriptions to measure the success rate and earning potential of each of your courses, memberships, and bundles.

Reporting & Analytics

With Forlogis, you can access detailed Reporting & Analytics that will allow you to truly understand your business metrics based on which you can dramatically improve your UX. You'll be able to see detailed Engagement Analytics for each course/membership so you can identify where people are dropping off and need extra touchpoints or improved content.
Additionally you'll have access to subscription intelligence and analytics feature which is designed to help you identify the levers driving revenue, subscriptions, signups, activations, churn and a host of other metrics that you need to make impactful decisions.

Other features

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"If you are looking for an organization to support you as you raise your impact and lead your space online, I would definitely encourage you to work with FORLOGIS."

– Robin Sharma
Bestselling Author

"If you are looking for an organization to support you as you raise your impact and lead your space online, I would definitely encourage you to work with FORLOGIS."

Robin Sharma
Bestselling Author

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All-in-one learning management system

All-in-one learning management system

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