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The complete set of tools to customize the user experience and dramatically increase completion rates of your courses and training programs.

Forlogis offers a wide range of settings and customizations on the platform to let you create a unique, targeted experience for your users.

Custom User Experience

On Forlogis, you can fully customize your brand's visual identity by:
  • Adjusting your logos and icons
  • ​Setting up your banners and Images
  • ​Choosing the perfect color combination
These changes can supplement your brand and make your user platform and environment match your website, courses, and other resources. 

You can further customize the user experience by disabling italics, adding rounded corners, hiding expanded footers, etc. 

And if you can't find the option you're looking for, you can customize the platform via CSS.


It's easy to make your courses interactive from the beginning. Your users can see an introductory video that you added for them on each course, as well as a unique course description and price tag based on their membership or discount level.

You can customize the entire course experience for your users to match their interests, knowledge level, and experience from day 1.

Your users can access your courses and training programs with a single purchase or as a part of a membership.

With a single membership, you can grant your members access to several of your courses in any combination you like.

Plus, you can slowly drip-feed any of your courses to your members to give them a steady, slowly progressing experience, where they can study at a comfortable pace.
You can also decide to make some of your courses upgradable to give your students an option to pay extra to delve deeper into the subject and get access to more advanced information.

At any time, your students can see which of their lessons are finished, in progress, or haven't started yet.

The users can click "continue watching" if they don't remember where they left the course, and they'll be redirected to the last finished lesson.

They can also mark any lesson as "favorite" and revisit it at any time without having to watch the entire course.

Your users can add comments and take notes right on the platform while watching your videos or listening to your lessons.

Each comment or note is assigned to the matching time stamp on the video, allowing the users to jump to the exact moment in the video that matches their notes.


You can activate "gamification" for any of your courses or modules, rewarding your users with points for various actions, such as completing a lesson, a module, or a course.

Then, you can grant them access to additional, locked courses or modules in exchange for the points they gained.

Certification and Badges

On Forlogis, you can set up custom certificates of completion for each of your courses that your students can show on their profile or print out to proudly let everyone know of their achievements.
You can also award your members special badges for various tasks that they can show off on their profiles. These can motivate your students to buy even more of your courses and keep them satisfied with your content.


You can set up exam quizzes after any module or lesson of your choice, ensuring that only those who answer the questions correctly can move on to the next module or class.
And those who don't? Well, they better go back and re-watch the previous lessons to make sure they understand the information... And try the quiz again.


With Forlogis, you don't need to deal with private social media groups or 3rd party messaging software. Our community feature allows you to stay in touch with your members directly via Forlogis.

Forum - The community feature allows you to create fully-functional forums on your course platform. These are great for member-to-member communication and heated discussions of your courses. The forums include a database search option, making it easy for your users to quickly find any information they need.

Messages - You can send your members personal messages based on their roles or course progress, attach bonus modules, or embed videos. These messages can help you deliver essential updates to your users and help them on their transformation journey.

Chatbot - Additionally, you can build your own chatbot and set up customized messages that are triggered at certain times or events.

Map - The community also features an interactive map that shows the approximate locations of all course participants and allows them to send each other a message.

Of course, all the community features are optional, and you can turn them off if you feel that you don't need them for your platform or your users aren't comfortable with them.

All your users can update their subscription settings and see their payment history and achievements/certificates from their profile menu.

Multiple Language Variations

To maximize your potential audience reach, you can also change the language for the entire platform.

Currently available languages are English, German, and French, but we're working on more language settings to make your user experience even more adaptable.

Other features

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Mobile App

"If you are looking for an organization to support you as you raise your impact and lead your space online, I would definitely encourage you to work with FORLOGIS."

– Robin Sharma
Bestselling Author

"If you are looking for an organization to support you as you raise your impact and lead your space online, I would definitely encourage you to work with FORLOGIS."

Robin Sharma
Bestselling Author

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All-in-one learning management system

All-in-one learning management system

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